UVD Robots and Business Continuity

UVD Robots and Business Continuity? No one wants an economic death today. The answer to keep going is great sanitation, disinfection, and social etiquette(politically correct word for social distancing and avoiding cross-contamination). As corporate India gets back to work we cannot afford to have a disruption in the business continuity process. The main culprits are workplace toilets and canteens.

One COVID 19 case at the workplace can shut down operations for a week or more. How do you sanitize the environment in a day and keep yourself up and running? Can you rely on the government which is already bursting at its seams dealing with the crisis? Think of us get in touch with

I also wanted to enlighten people of individuals/companies who are going around with UVC and UVA lights claiming that they are killing the coronavirus, please be educated(see attachment). There are also a number of companies going around with robots that have not had proper clinical studies and hospital studies claiming they have been inspired by the UVD Robots please be more aware of such claims. We are in difficult times and need great solutions like the UVD Robots that stand out as the standard for disinfection and sanitization. Stay prosperous. UVD-Robot-Blog Presentation

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